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Novel One                            

Novel Two                                                                                    Novel Three


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Novel Four                                     

Hawaiian Island of Ni'ihau, Palmyra, American Samoa      

 Live on Kindle only-- no book form on this novel.
My longest novel yet: The history of the Pacific Islands!
47 chapters 250K words, over 400 pages!
Chelsea is a new graduate of Kent State University.
She lands a writing assignment to spy on Ni'ihau.
Her publisher wants to know: "What really goes on, on Ni'ihau?"
Novel three and four intertwine in a brother and sister story!

NOVEL FIVE        It's about an inter-island pilot!


 Released 2014
The Hawaiian Island of Lanai

Novel 6                                  Novel 7

Online dating                                    Unrequited Love
Halloween, Front St. Maui               Valentine's Day 2015 Poipu Beach

   College grads on vacation at the Hyatt Resort,  Ka'anapali Beach in Lahaina Maui.Novels found in the Hawaiiana section at Barnes & Noble, Maui
Hawaiian Island of Moloka'i  (NOVEL 3 IN SERIES)
Main Character: Tommy (the son from novel one).
Tommy leaves college at Kent State to return to his family's ranch on Moloka'i. He has a lot to learn as he's been pampered by his parents as long as he stayed in school.
But, he quit early, so he has to make his own income.
He could easily work the family farm, but there's just one problem, he's not the getting-dirty-kinda-guy.
Character Trinity is the reason he is making this sacrifice.
I call this my boy book!
Great read for my adult following, as well as young adult, college, sorority, fraternity, and high school. 
Members of AA will like this story.  
         LIVE ON KINDLE! 
I wrote this novel when my nephew Tommy came from Ohio
to visit me for a week and stayed a year! My mother raised him
from birth and he grew up in the same house that I did. He had
the same last name that I had, and he graduated from the same highschool I did. We shared the same mother and she passed before he was out of his teens.
Tommy turned 21 while living on Kauai with me,
and he made me laugh.
His character runs for 4 novels,
and I laugh when I re-read his character parts. I cry too, as he had struggles along the way. And yes, he really did go chase that girl.
I shot the cover at Ironwood ranch, which is next to my house here on Maui. Hollywood uses their horses, so they are used to standing still and being photographed.
The Border Collie belongs to the ranch as well. He keeps the horse still. I don't know how, but the horse did not move and I shot over 100 pictures.
Novel: Loving Under Waterfalls
             OUT OF PRINT
OUT OF PRINT 10-2012
This first novel was updated,  revised, and renamed.
   New Title: Big Island --Released 9-2013
      New cover as well.
Novel 1, Malea--Mother of Lehua, Chelsea, Tommy.
Novel 2, 3, 4, Children from novel one: Lehua, Chelsea, Tommy.
Novel 3 and 4 Intertwine in a brother and sister story, covering 2009-2012
Alaska novel ends this first series. (Due out in 2016).
 Chelsea is the main character of Ni'ihau, Palmyra, Samoa
Chelsea 2nd from left
Older sister Lehua returns
in the Ni'ihau novel!
As does their brother Tommy
Karlie, from the gym, returns from
Moloka'i Novel.
(Photo shoot was in Kihei at Cam One
by author.)
Character Karlie runs for 3 novels
                                               Novel "1st" in series  
 Story of Malea: autobiographical/fiction, the author's journey.
"The Big Island"
    Sept. 2013

Malea always said,
When life in Ohio becomes mundane and oppressive,
I'll pack two suitcases and move to Hawaii . . .               
 I'll free myself, and live life for the Simplest Pleasures!
 The novel takes you to all the islands as Malea travels with her new job!
My stand alone novels in my Hawaiian series: 
Released March 27, 2014
The Hawaiian Island
       of Lana'i 
         A pilot!
Maui novel live!
Hawaiian Island Maui
Lahaina Halloween Party
Online Dating!
Speed Dating!

New Release 2014

Hawaiian Island Kauai  
 Poipu Beach

               Released 2015

The Hawaiian Island of Oahu
(It's all about surfing! 
And Pro bowl/NFL football)

            Release Summer 2015
(Cover not chosen yet) 

Author's Cookbook: Due 2016
I cook healthy and Slavish.
I start the night before and make my batter.
I soak my sliced strawberries in sweetened water the night before so they are not tart.
This was my family's favorite growing up!


Books to Come:
Pictures of my 15 years in Hawaii
Author's secrets behind my characters.

Historical Novels
Prague: My roots! (Covers Austria!)
Independent Novels:
New Zealand
Canada (Niagara Falls cover)
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